Tuesday, January 26, 2010

boxer love

Here is Cole with our boxer Buster who is almost 6.(will be on valentines day 2010; Poor Buster gets to deal with Cole climbing on and beating him up all the days of his life now that he is the only dog in the house...its gotten worse since Brie is gone for some reason.
Here is what he also has to deal with: (needless to say, Buster is missing his companion Brie alot!)

We do take him 4 walks and to the dog park but he still is missing his Brie and seems lost without her even when we take him way more places with us since Bries passing!

Here they both missed eachother so much (after cole and i went to visit family in NJ for 2 weeks) that they took a nap together .
So, that being said I have been watching Craigslist/Pounds/Rescue groups in the area for a new 4 legged buddy for Buster.... am being very selective..I want a HEALTHY smaller girl (from parents that were healthy), from owners that love the breed and can tell me alot of background on their boxers, and either a white boxer with a fawn/brindle mask or a brindle ....wish me luck on finding Buster a new girl!!!

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