Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Mini

here is a video:
Heres a little mini Im making for a friend whos getting married and likes a non-traditional look of a wedding album, after all her colors are pool(turquise-ish), silver, and red!
some card tags...I used the Queen and King of the deck and added ther names with silver alphas and added some flowers.

Here is a cardboard heart I cut out and tore edges and added red paint and used alcohol silver mixitives

Saturday, November 7, 2009


challenge #6...My dog Brie passed away recently and the vet made a paw print so I wanted to frame and hang and heres what I came up with:
challenge #3 scraplifted the card tag idea from Ebony Ivory

challenge number 2 ....first time using VELLUM when u pull out the invitation u can see the date of the wedding on vellum

challenge #1

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Pink Mini 4 A Cure! & BLOG CANDY!!

Well, I did it again! I uploaded the pics wrong again! oh well!!! Heres my Contribution to the 16+ Pink Minis For a Cure that will be auctioned off October 31st. and all proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research! learn more visit Lauras blog @ (where u can see all the minis and also where the silent auction will be from Oct.31st til Nov 7th)and here is the link to donate: Laura is also giving out BLOG CANDYS (thats right theres more than one give away, so go donate and get 2 chances to go into the drawing to win!!)
Heres my video of this album:
Here is the last pages of the Mini...the right page has a pullout for journaling and pics.
Here is a page with a green tag and a transparancy page that I stamped STRONG on with some stickles to glitter it up!.the right page has a three page pull out for journaling and pics.
the Frame on the left page can be filled at the top since i left it open...the right page has a tag with a "sun" button with some clouds I made with glossy accents and then "distressed" the blue sky with a stamp pad.

Heres a envelope page on the right with three tags. the left page has a tag thats green ferns.

the cover is my says Believe and i added stickles to the letters with some flowers I dyed with Alcohol Inks! And fibers and ribbon to hold it all together!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gammys HALLOWEEN brag book

the cover..made with covering paper with aluminum tape and running it through a cuttlebug to emboss it and painting it all black then sanding some of the black off showing the aluminum.
stamped the fence then cut it out and made it alittle pocket!

the back of the pumpkin tag..cole in the pumpkin patch.

stamped tree and stamped halloween and spritzed page with glimmer mist. mummy page has gauze as a pocket.

OK, ONE OF THESE DAYS ILL REMEMBER TO ADD PHOTOS FIRST AND THEN BLOG SO MY WORDS ARENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PICTURES!!! HAHA.....ANYWAYS..Since my mother, Coles Grammy lives on the 0ther side of the world from us (we being in az and her in nj) decided to make a little brag book of coles halloween. I plan on sending it right to her work since that is where it will end up so her co-workers can oogle over cole (and my creative work :P) like they do with everyones grandchildren!

Gammys HALLOWEEN Brag Book part 2

more pics of the last pages

me and my "mummy"
acetate page with spooky tree and stars with cole and his pirate costume on in background.
spider and web and Boo page

the back of boo tag is cole with his best bud waiting for the horse drawn hay ride to the pimpkin patch!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children's Climber Update

So here's the climber with all its steel!

S/S Logo

Its named after the 2 companies that donated a big portion of making the climber!

If look closely u can see writing on the yellow center beam in the back of this pic....Joe added our names to the climber! its the tallest beam and wont get covered and I cant wait to climb up when its completed and see our names! It has Coles name first then a nickname daddy calls cole, then me (Beth) and then Joes name (altho I think he put JOEFUS just like he did on the concrete but that will end up getting covered on the floor!

can u say proud!!?

the guy in the black jacket and jeans is the designer of the climber!

This is the Boss Mr.Schuff and the lady is director of the museum.

The steel is all hung and so that means Joes part of the job is finished......When he is finished on a job they have a party to celebrate called a "Topping Out Party"! This was Friday, Oct. 9th and boy was it fun!!! All the workers thus far were able to invite their family to celebrate and we went.
Its scheduled to open beginning of the new year (Jan.-Feb.)

Halloween Mini Swap for TWS

Heres what I made for the mini swap. theme was halloween for october! not sure why but the last page uploaded first! so take a look at my book backwards :P
above are the last 2 pages. plenty of space to add pics.
Behind the pumpkin is a pull out flip out mini book for pics and journaling. the other page has a pullout tag with ribbons stapled to the side!
I used alcohol inks and a stamp on the transparancy pullout and the ither page had 3 pullout tags.

The left page has a photo corner and the right page has a flip out for pics or journaling

The cover. Notice my favorite spider at the bottom left!!!
I hope Tara likes it! This was my first mini swap with this group and only my second mini made ever! I had so much fun making it! I see many more minis in my future!! (I forgot to take pics of the first mini I made just 2 weeks ago for my scrapbooking group on but I made a christmas album for the organizers sister in law Heather....I havent heard if shes happy or not yet but I sure loved the album!!!)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Pink Minis for a cure!!
I'm participating in this in honor of my cousin Karen, who has been fighting on and off for many years.She is an inspiration to me and has amazed me all these years! So Karen, keep up the fight, and I wish your good health to stay for many, many years to come!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Childrens Museum Bottle Caps

you donate a dollar and they give u a bottle cap to decorate and they will be hanging them up all over the I got out my alcohol inks since they were metal and pretty much only gave little stickers to add to I threw those stickers aside and got the alcohol inks and went to work! Im goin to add our names to them!

so i had to share since I thought the first one looked just like a road with trees on both sides of the road with rainbow in the fore ground!!! can u see it?????

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum's Addition

So Joe is Foreman on the job for Phoenix Children's Museum's New Addition of a Climber!!! Schuff Steel (along with a few others) donated supplies and time to build this crazy climber that has an "Artsy" twist to a climber featuring a flying bathtub with wings, a dog house at the tippity top, along with a rock climbing wall with dinosaur feet as the pegs to climb on... just to name a few!
Cole and I were able to visit Daddy working on Saturday, Sept.19Th which was 6 days into the job. We took a bunch of pics while daddy was working and we even got to go up to the third floor to have the museum to ourselves!!!

Going up in the elevator we didn't realize how cool is was going to be being able to run freely without anyone else to bother us! Boy, did we have fun!

My favorite was the shoe wall and the bathroom! The bathroom had a series of 5 staggered sinks for short to tall people along with a kid sized toilet and the coolest shiny floor! Cole's favorite (besides the buttons in the elevator, and yes. even the alarm button!) was, of course, downstairs where daddy was working since there was so much to play with (BIG nuts and bolts, the Genie, the wood, the much to climb on and the climber wasn't even done yet!!

Once this is finished I'm so excited to be able to tell Cole that Daddy built that climber!!! How exciting is that?!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mini book for coles grammy

Heres a page with the 4x4s! the jeep along with Coles little quad! lol...and the pull out tag was made from a picture when we were fishing by the lake! I love how it looks since it solely out of a picture! I plan on doing this again!
This was around xmas time..the tag pull out pic was at zoo lights at Phx Zoo
Heres my favorite page...B&W pics on the turquise paper with the pink bellie flowers! love this color combo!!

I inked all the edges of the whole book! I love to distress!

Here is a bookmark I made her since she loves to read. Now who wouldnt want that cute little cookie monster face peeking out of a book!

Ok so this wasnt really in order PLUS I had to leave out the cutest page in the book since I guess u r limited to the amount of pics u add? The last page was THE END with a pic of Cole running out of shower with a bear butt!!! Get it !!! lol

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm new to this blogging!

Ok, time to get some stuff on here! I've never blogged b4 so bare with me as I learn! I also would like to put some of my work on here but I first need to take pictures of them!!! Over the next few days I hope to do this and get them added to here! I love to look at other blogs to get ideas so I hope I can inspire others like they do me!!