Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mini book for coles grammy

Heres a page with the 4x4s! the jeep along with Coles little quad! lol...and the pull out tag was made from a picture when we were fishing by the lake! I love how it looks since it solely out of a picture! I plan on doing this again!
This was around xmas time..the tag pull out pic was at zoo lights at Phx Zoo
Heres my favorite page...B&W pics on the turquise paper with the pink bellie flowers! love this color combo!!

I inked all the edges of the whole book! I love to distress!

Here is a bookmark I made her since she loves to read. Now who wouldnt want that cute little cookie monster face peeking out of a book!

Ok so this wasnt really in order PLUS I had to leave out the cutest page in the book since I guess u r limited to the amount of pics u add? The last page was THE END with a pic of Cole running out of shower with a bear butt!!! Get it !!! lol

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