Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum's Addition

So Joe is Foreman on the job for Phoenix Children's Museum's New Addition of a Climber!!! Schuff Steel (along with a few others) donated supplies and time to build this crazy climber that has an "Artsy" twist to a climber featuring a flying bathtub with wings, a dog house at the tippity top, along with a rock climbing wall with dinosaur feet as the pegs to climb on... just to name a few!
Cole and I were able to visit Daddy working on Saturday, Sept.19Th which was 6 days into the job. We took a bunch of pics while daddy was working and we even got to go up to the third floor to have the museum to ourselves!!!

Going up in the elevator we didn't realize how cool is was going to be being able to run freely without anyone else to bother us! Boy, did we have fun!

My favorite was the shoe wall and the bathroom! The bathroom had a series of 5 staggered sinks for short to tall people along with a kid sized toilet and the coolest shiny floor! Cole's favorite (besides the buttons in the elevator, and yes. even the alarm button!) was, of course, downstairs where daddy was working since there was so much to play with (BIG nuts and bolts, the Genie, the wood, the much to climb on and the climber wasn't even done yet!!

Once this is finished I'm so excited to be able to tell Cole that Daddy built that climber!!! How exciting is that?!

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