Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children's Climber Update

So here's the climber with all its steel!

S/S Logo

Its named after the 2 companies that donated a big portion of making the climber!

If look closely u can see writing on the yellow center beam in the back of this pic....Joe added our names to the climber! its the tallest beam and wont get covered and I cant wait to climb up when its completed and see our names! It has Coles name first then a nickname daddy calls cole, then me (Beth) and then Joes name (altho I think he put JOEFUS just like he did on the concrete but that will end up getting covered on the floor!

can u say proud!!?

the guy in the black jacket and jeans is the designer of the climber!

This is the Boss Mr.Schuff and the lady is director of the museum.

The steel is all hung and so that means Joes part of the job is finished......When he is finished on a job they have a party to celebrate called a "Topping Out Party"! This was Friday, Oct. 9th and boy was it fun!!! All the workers thus far were able to invite their family to celebrate and we went.
Its scheduled to open beginning of the new year (Jan.-Feb.)

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