Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Photo Shoot with Baby Annabelle

I have the chance to take some infant photo's of my friend's baby that was born just over a week ago!! I am all for practicing with my new 50MM lens and new camera!
I got some props to use with the baby and here I just took a few photos to get aquainted with my camera and te settings.
I was so happy to find this Picnic Basket complete with the red gingham lining! I found the sunflower vine and thought it would look great with this basket! These Butterflys might look great in an infant setting so I got three of them. They have a little clip on them too.

I found these HeadBands at a great price so I picked up three; Red, white, and pink. I got some letters and made a bracelet but since her name is so long I decided to add it to the headband for the photo.

These Booties were also a great deal and soo small! I got white and pink and hope they fit!!

I got a few big flowers and added them to the headbands with some velcro so I can change the flowers out easily between shots.

I hope I get a few great shots for my friend. I am excited and hope I have enough time to get all the shots I want to get in within the hour and a half that I will have next week while Cole is in school.

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