Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Cont'd

Here are a few other decorations I made for the Valentine Party.
PinWheels out of scrapbook paper and straws and 1 brad. I also made a Heart Garland out of scrapbook paper cut 1"x6" and using just 2 staples made hearts and strung them together.

Here you can see in detail how I stapled the hearts and just strung them thru before adding the 2nd staple.

I hope I have enough decorations to make the party at the park seem festive. I'm sure the kids will have fun handing out their Valentine's either way with their valentine mailboxes I found at the Dollar Tree. I also picked up some "mini Mailboxes" at target that I will decorate for the party. Happy Valentine's Day! I will try to take a few pics of the party next Monday and share them.

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