Monday, July 12, 2010

Acrylic Album Cover

Ok so here is MY ACRYLIC ALBUM....
I will start with the cover to show u even tho I took Kathryns tip on starting at the back.
The album is titled BABY GIRL and I am making this for a friend who is currently preggers and due in November. The title is a rub on from a set that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. Im loving all the shadows and visuals the acrylic album is unique for since the pages are clear!
The only stuff on the cover is the "baby girl" rub on and the vines and the large flower at the top of the page...I wanted to keep it simple cause I like that look and how you can see to the second page where you will see pictures of the baby once they are inserted! I decided not to use the rings this album came with, but I bound it with some ribbon cause I think it is more user friendly!

The vine is a felt sticker that I picked up at our trade show here in Phx last year...and I used some glimmer mist on it since it was white...The flowers I picked up out of a bin of loose flowers at my LSS, added three different colors of glimmer mists and some bling to the middle. sorry the pic is on its side! (cock ur head to the left and you will be fine!) :)
I had alot of fun with this album and plan on sharing a new page with you everyday for the next 2weeks so keep checking in!
I was worried that this was going to be hard but I found it even easier than just a normal chipboard mini since it took less time decorating pages cause what u did on the front of the page u do on the backside with alittle planning so its less time consuming trying to come up with ideas for each and every page!

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